BounceState gives an actor the ability to bounce on top of other RexActors, provided they have their canBounceOn bool set to True.

Public Methods

public void StartBounce(Collider2D bouncerCol, Collider2D otherCol)

Called automatically in collision handling of RexActor. Begins the bounce.

public bool CanBounce(Collider2D bouncerCol, Collider2D otherCol)

Uses positioning and collider data to determine if we can start a bounce from an object.

Public Members

public const string idString = “Bouncing”

public int minFrames

The minimum number of frames the bounce can go for.

public int maxFrames

The maximum number of frames the bounce can go for.

public float speed

The speed of the bounce per frame. A higher number means higher and faster bounces.

public float damageDealt

The damage dealt to other actors this bounces on.