Rex Engine Version History

Version 1.30

  • Added AttackSet component, which groups attacks together and allows you to toggle between them with a button press
  • Added ability for individual attacks to use their own individual weapon energy bars
  • Added option for attacks to show unique UI imagery when enabled
  • Added option for charge attacks to display a visible meter which fills as the attack charges

Version 1.29

  • Added 8-way dash
  • Added ability to set whether objects are disabled only for a single life or for the duration of the session
  • Added option to not stop music when the player dies
  • Fixed a bug where sliding down a wall or climbing down a ladder could stun you when you landed

Version 1.28

  • Charge Attacks now work with melee attacks in addition to the previously usable projectile attacks
  • Charge Attacks now allow for variable levels of charging

Version 1.27

  • Added Falling Platform gimmick
  • Added Breaking Platform gimmick
  • Added an optional cooldown window to dashing
  • Fixed a bug where pressing dash + jump simultaneously could trigger a dash jump, even if dash jumping was set to be disabled
  • Fixed a bug where a previous jump could continue moving upwards after an air dash
  • Added option to reset air dashes on wall clinging and ad ladder climbing
  • Fixed a bug where you could trigger the air dash animation to play for one frame if you performed an air dash while wall clinging
  • Fixed a bug where wall jump kickback wasn’t working properly
  • Fixed a bug where you could initiate a ground pound while wall clinging

Version 1.26

  • Fixed bug where the player could remain skidding after leaving icy terrain
  • Removed the yellow warnings Rex Engine would trigger in the Unity output console (tested through Unity 5.6)
  • Added toggle to be invincible during the descent on GroundPoundState
  • Setup Title Scene now sets up the Start button to automatically move to a new scene when clicked