Rex Engine Version History

Version 1.56

  • Added option for dialogue portraits on NPC text boxes
  • Added Circular Moving Platforms
  • Added the ability to initiate the Glide state using the Jump button
  • Modified the Player Spawn graphic to make it clear that the spawn point is an Editor-only feature
  • The default text box prefab can now be swapped via Rex Settings
  • Added “Is Turning Allowed” option to RexController so you can prevent characters from facing in different directions when the d-pad is pressed in those directions (useful for things like schmups where the player always faces the same direction!)
  • Removed Crouch Offset from Attacks in favor of letting AnimationClips set the spawn position of the Attack directly
  • Changed the default clear flags on the Canvas camera to “Solid” to prevent the image from ghosting if there’s no background
  • You can now add hangtime frames to bounces performed off of enemies
  • Fixed a bug where projectiles would sometimes be spawned in the wrong place relative to where they should be fired from
  • Fixed a bug where multitouch wouldn’t work properly on some mobile devices
  • Fixed a bug where using a WaypointsMovement AI routine could result in the character changing direction rapidly if they were already on top of the waypoint
  • The particles that show up when a character falls and lands on the ground will now reorient themselves based on the direction the character was facing
  • Fixed a bug where dashes would terminate after the minimum number of dash frames specified, even if the dash was set to have a larger maximum number of frames if the player held the button down
  • Fixed a bug where Unity 2019 could throw prefab-related errors when trying to create a new title screen via Rex Menu
  • Fixed bug where WallClingState’s requireHorizontalPressForJump could fail to trigger properly in Unity 2019
  • Fixed bug where a moving platform that moved down over the player while they’re grounded could cause them to fall through terrain

Version 1.55

  • Added Springs gimmick
  • Added option to have attacks bounce the attacker in a specific direction after the attack connects with an enemy
  • Added new ApplyForce method to RexPhysics to allow outside forces that persist over time (this can be used for things like springs that bounce the player up, wind tunnels that continually push the player back, and more!)
  • The prefab used for the Cameras object can now be set via the Rex Settings panel, so you can retain camera settings between Rex Engine updates
  • You can now specify the default screen/room size in the RexSettings panel
  • You can now specify the length and color of the screen fade that takes you into the next scene on individual SceneLoaders
  • Added the ability for attacks to interrupt certain animations they couldn’t interrupt before
  • Fixed bug with demo Bazooka Rex boss battle where he could become unresponsive if he attempted to begin his Ultimate attack while already airborne
  • Fixed a bug where editing a RexAIEvent in the Inspector could fail to save properly unless you hit Apply on the prefab first
  • Fixed bug where RexPalette could throw errors when instantiating new prefabs in Unity 2018.3 or newer

Version 1.54

  • Updates to PushableBlocks which let other objects ride on top of them
  • Fixed a bug where touch control buttons wouldn’t function properly with certain Raycast settings (specifically, with Queries Start in Collider turned on)
  • Touch controls can now be toggled in the RexSettings panel
  • Increased customizability in touch controls
  • Added touch control buttons for diagonal directions, as well as every remaining action which Rex has inputs for (previously, touch controls only had a jump button and two attack buttons)
  • Further camera optimization
  • Added ability to show or hide the UI without resetting values like score or the player’s health
  • The stun duration after an actor lands is now dependent on the animation length
  • RexPhysics now has a way to buffer and query the layer of the collider underneath it
  • Fixed a bug where RexAIRoutine would throw an error by calling aiEventsActiveAtStart, which was null, when spawned from an EnemySpawner
  • Fixed a bug where the player’s control would become enabled when a dialogue box closed, even if you didn’t want it to
  • Fixed bug where pause overlay was below certain other UI elements
  • Fixed bug in the demo where player’s charge shot wouldn’t get re-enabled prior to the boss battle
  • Fixed a bug that could result in projectiles being flipped in the wrong direction

Version 1.53

  • Added ability to pull objects backwards
  • Added ability to independently toggle Pushing and Pulling objects on or off via PushingState class
  • Major physics update to improve collisions with complex terrain shapes
  • Updated demo stage to include a boss battle and a demonstrations of using pushable objects
  • Performance improvements to Camera-related classes
  • Minor bug fixes to pushing objects
  • Fixed a bug where RexMenu would throw an error
  • Fixed a bug with the character Landing state which could let the landing animation override the animation for any attacks the character was currently doing

Version 1.5

  • Added AI system

Version 1.36

  • Added NPC’s
  • Added option to RexController to play a looping animation which overrides any regular animations they’d be playing at the moment

Version 1.35

  • Added the ability for dialogue boxes to use multiple pages of text
  • Fixed a bug where text could hang off the right edge of a dialogue box without properly moving to the next line
  • Modified SceneLoaders so Doors don’t get locked when Lock Rex GUI is selected in the Rex Level Editor window
  • Added default and death animations to the demo projectiles
  • Fixed a bug where the stage timer would sometimes be invisible even if enabled
  • Fixed a bug where grace frames for jumps weren’t working properly

Version 1.34

  • Added an Autorun option to MovingState for recreating autorunner/endless runner style movement
  • Added the option for double-jumps to use different animations from the first jump
  • Added StopAllMovement() method to RexPhysics to allow all movement to be stopped with one command
  • Fixed bug where the stage timer wouldn’t properly reset after the player got a Game Over
  • Fixed a bug where the stage timer would sometimes be invisible even if enabled
  • Fixed RexPalette bug where creating instances of objects could fail if Unity couldn’t find the last active scene view

Version 1.33

  • Added a method to switch to a specific attack in an AttackSet
  • Shields can now be set to have a specific amount of HP instead of being destroyed immediately when the player takes damage
  • Added option for breaking platforms to respawn after death
  • Using the Auto-Fill Slots option on RexActor’s Inspector now registers itself to the Undo stack
  • Added ability to swap a RexActor’s class directly from the RexActor component in the Inspector
  • Added ability to create a prefab for a new enemy using a specified RexActor subclass directly from RexPalette

Version 1.32

  • Added ability to play footstep sounds as characters walk
  • Added ability to play different footstep sounds on different surfaces
  • Added a Debug option to mute SFX in addition to music during testing
  • Added option for landing animations to finish playing after a player lands, even if the player starts moving before the animation ends
  • Fixed a bug where you could continue to accelerate after crouching, even if the CrouchState options were set to stop player movement

Version 1.30

  • Added AttackSet component, which groups attacks together and allows you to toggle between them with a button press
  • Added ability for individual attacks to use their own individual weapon energy bars
  • Added option for attacks to show unique UI imagery when enabled
  • Added option for charge attacks to display a visible meter which fills as the attack charges

Version 1.29

  • Added 8-way dash
  • Added ability to set whether objects are disabled only for a single life or for the duration of the session
  • Added option to not stop music when the player dies
  • Fixed a bug where sliding down a wall or climbing down a ladder could stun you when you landed

Version 1.28

  • Charge Attacks now work with melee attacks in addition to the previously usable projectile attacks
  • Charge Attacks now allow for variable levels of charging

Version 1.27

  • Added Falling Platform gimmick
  • Added Breaking Platform gimmick
  • Added an optional cooldown window to dashing
  • Fixed a bug where pressing dash + jump simultaneously could trigger a dash jump, even if dash jumping was set to be disabled
  • Fixed a bug where a previous jump could continue moving upwards after an air dash
  • Added option to reset air dashes on wall clinging and ad ladder climbing
  • Fixed a bug where you could trigger the air dash animation to play for one frame if you performed an air dash while wall clinging
  • Fixed a bug where wall jump kickback wasn’t working properly
  • Fixed a bug where you could initiate a ground pound while wall clinging

Version 1.26

  • Fixed bug where the player could remain skidding after leaving icy terrain
  • Removed the yellow warnings Rex Engine would trigger in the Unity output console (tested through Unity 5.6)
  • Added toggle to be invincible during the descent on GroundPoundState
  • Setup Title Scene now sets up the Start button to automatically move to a new scene when clicked