Rex Engine v1.02

We’ve just submitted Rex Engine v 1.02! This update adds a bunch of new features to the Unity-based sidescroller engine, including:

  • Damage numbers
  • Hold a button to run
  • Breakable item blocks
  • Touch controls for the Booster’s Adventure demo
  • Physics and performance improvements

We’ll have more updates with additional platformer mechanics in the near future!

You can get the latest version of Rex Engine here!


Rex Engine v1.01 Released!

We’ve just released v1.01 of Rex Engine, our 2D platformer engine for Unity! This new version adds a bunch of quality of life features, as well as the ability to fire charge shots, Mega Man-style!

Rex Engine Charge Shot







Rex Engine is a game engine specializing in helping you create 2D sidescrollers. It gives you a crunchy, custom 2D physics engine, and gives you access to a huge library of classic game mechanics like running, jumping, and attacking with the press of a button.

You can find out more about Rex Engine here.

You can buy Rex Engine on the Unity Asset Store here.

Seahorse Steed!

It would appear that our favourite valkyrie-mermaid is quite the equestrian, seeing as there’s another steed at her disposal. Not only does she manage to roam on land with the help of her long-legged froggy friend, but she can also eventually take to the skies by riding on an armoured, winged seahorse.

Athena has proven that just because one is a mermaid doesn’t mean she’s stuck in the sea her entire life. Having conquered sea, land, and sky, what could possibly be left?

Oh, right. Space, the final frontier. Clearly our next post will include a manta ray in a spacesuit.


Some animation frames for the seahorse character.

Hope everyone’s having a great 2016 so far!

– Ian

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Plants of Death

Botany must be a risky science in the world of Casuma (the world in which Seafoam Empress is set — yes, it has a name now and everything).


I imagine a plant that spits out fireballs would be slightly hotter than a jalapeño. Mmm, tasty.

Here we’re featuring a couple plant enemies: one is a bulb that tracks your movement and shoots fireballs, and the other is a lily pad that snaps at you if you remain on it for too long.


And not even something as ostensibly innocent as a lily pad can be trusted!


Oh snap.

– Ian

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