ScreenFade lets you fade the screen to a solid color of your choice. It lets you easily fade the screen in or out, and it lets you specify durations for the fade.

Public Methods

public void Fade(FadeType _fadeType, FadeDuration _duration = FadeDuration.Short, Color _fadeColor = default(Color), bool willStartFreshFade = true)

Fades the screen by the appropriate values. fadeType allows you to specify if the screen is fading in or out. duration allows you to set a timespan the fade will occur over. fadeColor lets you set a color the screen will fade to. willStartFreshFade determines if this fade will interrupt a previous fade from scratch vs. whether it will work with a previous fade and pick up where it left off.

Public Members

public float currentFadeDuration

The duration of any currently-playing fades. Used by other RexEngine classes to determine how long to wait for events such as scene transitions.