StairClimbingState allows the actor to climb stairs.

Public Methods

Public Members

public const string idString = “StairClimbing”

public Animations animations

Allows you to slot animations for moving up, moving down, and standing while facing down on stairs. The default “animation” slot on StairClimbingState is used while the actor is standing while facing up on stairs.

public bool canJump

Whether or not jumping is allowed while on stairs.

public bool canTurn = true

Whether or not turning is allowed while on stairs.

public bool willDamageKnockOffStairs = true

Whether or not taking damage will knock the actor off of stairs.

public bool canMoveWithUpDown

If true, the “up” and “down” inputs can be used to move up and down the stairs in addition to the “left” and “right” inputs.

public float speed = 1.0f

The movement speed with which the actor climbs stairs.

public bool canDropThrough = true

Whether or not the actor can drop through stairs by pressing down + jump.