Rex Engine FAQ

Will Rex Engine work for 2.5D games?

Yep! As long as you use Unity’s Collider2D for your collisions, you can use any art style with Rex Engine, including 3D models constrained to a 2D plane.

Does my game have to use pixel art?

No; Rex Engine is a flexible framework that allows you to use any art style and any resolution supported by Unity.

Can Rex Engine publish games for mobile/console/etc.?

Absolutely. Rex Engine is built on top of Unity, so you can publish projects anywhere that Unity will allow. (As always with Unity, note that for certain platforms, you may need the appropriate Unity plugin and/or permission from the console manufacturer before Unity will build to that platform.)

What’s the best way to create level terrain with Rex Engine?

I recommend either Unity’s built-in TileMaps (which come in every version of Unity starting with Unity 2017) or a third-party tool like Ferr 2D Terrain Tool. That said, all Rex requires for solid terrain is a GameObject with a Collider2D on the “Terrain” layer, so feel free to use any method of terrain creation that works best for you.

Can I use Rex Engine to create characters that control like the players in Mario, Mega Man, or Castlevania?

Yes, to all three, and tons of other stuff, as well. Rex Engine lets you customize every aspect of your character movement and ability loadout, so feel free to mix-and-match and customize to your heart’s content.

I’m a programmer. Can I build on top of Rex Engine?

Yes. Rex Engine is fully open-source and is documented and commented.

Can I publish commercial games using Rex Engine?

Yes, so long as you credit Rex Engine somewhere in your game and every member of your team using Rex Engine has purchased a Rex Engine license.