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“5/5: A must have!” — iOS Etc.
“The most interesting Arkanoid-like game I have played thus far” — ShineApp
“One of the best BreakOut clones on the iPhone” — Family Friendly Gaming
“A First Rate Block Party” — DeepestDream
“A Brick Breaker Game With A Bite” — AppAdvice
“Gorgeous animation” — Arcade Sushi
“A block-breaking game with more imagination than most” — 148Apps
“Tons of personality that will appeal to players of all ages” — The Gamer With Kids

Blowfish Meets Meteor Screenshot Blowfish Meets Meteor Screenshot Blowfish Meets Meteor Screenshot Blowfish Meets Meteor Screenshot


Blowfish Meets Meteor starts as a simple brick-breaker and quickly erupts into something much greater.

See, there are these mermaids. Your inexplicable, adorable, doe-eyed daughters. Dozens of them. And they’re trapped. Your goal is to break enough blocks to clear them a safe route to your underwater glass-dome house at the bottom of the screen.

Sounds easy, right? And it might be – except for the piranhas. Those giant, lumbering sea-beasts that consider mermaid flesh a delicacy.

But that’s cool, because you’ve got TNT. And torpedoes. And penguins, and nautilus laser beams, and big, dumb, sticky backpack/oyster things.

Easy again, right? Sure. Except for the bosses. The giant sentient battleships, the screen-filling electric eels, the whales so enormous that they house entire levels inside their bellies.

And so it goes. Sometimes, you’re solving puzzles – toggling chittering jellyfish ghosts in and out of existence to create temporary platforms, for example. Other times, you’re racing through frantic action setpieces, trying to clear a stage before the giant, rotting corpse of the last world’s boss crushes your family into caviar. At the end of it all, you’ll battle the ultimate evil in the deepest depths of the ocean, and you’ll discover why family is the most important thing of all.


• Explore saltwater glaciers, steamship graveyards, the innards of a gigantic sea-beast, and more across 60 totally unique levels and 6 varied worlds!
• An aesthetic tour-de-force: thousands of frames of hand-drawn animation and nearly thirty minutes of original music!
• Engage 8 terrifying, screen-filling bosses in heart-pounding battles to the death!
• Brick-breaker like never before: dynamically destroy terrain, warp the ball across the edges of levels, command two paddles at once, and more!

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