We’re Sky Tyrannosaur

We’re an indie game studio based out of San Francisco, California.

We love video games, and we love making them. We’re huge fans of the console classics: games like Mario, Metroid, and Mega Man are near and dear to our hearts. Classic game design means a lot to us, and we’re passionate about helping to keep it alive.

We also have an unhealthy obsession with 2D animation.


Our Games

Seafoam Empress is a Metroidvania with hand-drawn animation. You play as Athena, a mermaid who summons monsters to help her defeat enemies and access new areas.

Blowfish Meets Meteor is an undersea brick-breaker with a twist: it’s also a full-fledged puzzle platformer. Our goal was to push the brick-breaker genre further than it had ever gone, with elements like gigantic bosses, destructible terrain, and a never-ending stream of over-the-top setpieces. And mermaids. Lots of mermaids.

We partnered with the illustrious Sunbreak Games to release Buddy & Me: Dream Edition for the Wii U. It’s prettier than any game has any right to be.


Rex Engine

Rex Engine is our Unity-based engine for creating 2D games at lightning speed. We got tired of the process taking too long, so we decided to help. Check it out and let us know what you think!