We’re Sky Tyrannosaur

We’re an indie game studio based out of San Francisco, California.

We love video games, and we love making them. We’re huge fans of the console classics: games like Mario, Metroid, and Mega Man are near and dear to our hearts. Classic game design means a lot to us, and we’re passionate about helping to keep it alive.

We also have an unhealthy obsession with 2D animation.

Our Games

Seafoam Empress is a Metroidvania with hand-drawn animation. You play as Athena, a mermaid who summons monsters to help her defeat enemies and access new areas.

Blowfish Meets Meteor is an undersea brick-breaker with a twist: it’s also a full-fledged puzzle platformer. Our goal was to push the brick-breaker genre further than it had ever gone, with elements like gigantic bosses, destructible terrain, and a never-ending stream of over-the-top setpieces. And mermaids. Lots of mermaids.

We partnered with the illustrious Sunbreak Games to release Buddy & Me: Dream Edition for the Wii U. It’s prettier than any game has any right to be.