Seafoam Empress

Seafoam Empress is a 2D Metroidvania for home consoles. You assume the role of Athena, a mermaid empress fighting to reclaim her throne from a mysterious evil. The overarching world takes cues from games like Metroid and Dark Souls, but the moment-to-moment gameplay takes its cues from faster, more frenetic games like NES Capcom Disney classics like Ducktales, Rescue Rangers, and The Little Mermaid.


Below, you’ll find a variety of information about the core game. Click here for an in-depth exploration of some awesome advanced tricks the game lets you play with.


Athena is a summoner, and she gains the ability to summon incredible monsters to aid her in her quest. These monsters allow you to access new areas, grant you increased firepower, or give you a range of new abilities that can radically change your playstyle.

Athena is most at home in the water, but she’ll also gain the ability to travel on land. The interplay between water and land is the foundation of the level design in Seafoam Empress.


Seafoam Empress lets you explore its world at your own pace. There are very few traditional locks and keys here. If you find an inaccessible area, and you want to get there early, chances are you can find a clever way to make it happen. If you love challenge runs and sequence breaks, this is the game for you.

Seafoam Empress puts classic level design before monster closets. There are no flat, featureless hallways here; every inch of the game world is carefully-crafted to surprise and delight you.

Seafoam Empress lets you choose how to approach situations. You can equip a variety of familiars to aid you in different ways. You can speed through areas as fast as your reflexes allow. You can use weapons you find in the environment, or even use enemies as weapons against each other.

Seafoam Empress features thousands of frames of traditional 2D animation by Ian Gibson. It also features detailed hand-painted backgrounds by Gene Lange. No shortcuts were taken with the visuals; everything is crafted lovingly by hand.

Seafoam Empress Screenshot Seafoam Empress Screenshot
Seafoam Empress Screenshot Seafoam Empress Screenshot